The Perfect 10 - Longboard

The Perfect 10 - Longboard

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Meet the newest member of our eco board quiver!

The Perfect 10 is our premier longboard shape and is a rad new collaboration with east coast professional longboard surfer Ricky Judelena. The shape is the culmination of his multi year process of R & D on a proven nose rider. 

"I recently surfed with Ricky in Virginia Beach 3 days in a row while visiting family. I was camped on the nose!!! In 20 years of shaping, this was hands down the best nose riding longboard I've ever surfed." - Ry

A Classic nose rider outline (wide nose and wide tail),  with soft 50/50 rails...The Perfect 10 features a proprietary bulbous rail through the nose that helps the rider with effortless nose riding. This model has been surfed in loads of contest and won multiple events.  We're so stoked on this collaboration and to have the Perfect 10 as the newest edition of our #ecoboard quiver!!!

Now Available from 9'-10'6"

Suggested Dimensions (rider weight specific):

100-125lbs - 9'0"

130-155lbs - 9'2-9'4"

160-180lbs - 9'4-9'6"

185-200lbs - 9'6-9'10"

200-225lbs+ - 10'-10'6"