Introducing BallisTec

EarthTech - BallisTec

Introducing, BallisTec

VacLam carbon construction meets sustainable materials = a proprietary new tech that gives the boards increased durability, better flex and overall performance attributes. Fully customizable.

Wanna get really technical? Here’s the skinny on why this tech is so rad:

The idea is that the material on the deck is the opposite of carbon fiber, in that it resists compression instead of tension. That's what gives it bulletproof qualities, just like kevlar, and it indeed is extremely ding resistant.

The physics work like this: 

When a surfer is loading up a board in a bottom turn, both the deck and bottom store energy and then release. This is because the deck is in compression while the bottom is in tension during the bottom turn.

When a board has carbon on the deck, the carbon on the deck actually resists storing energy in a bottom turn. Because carbon is strongest under tension and doesn't do much for compression forces.

B-a-l-l-i-s-T-e-C 💪🏾