SITE WIDE SALE to help raise funds for the build & launch of The ECOSS


We’re building the first recycling and Educational Center of Sustainability in Surf here at AltaSea.

Summer is here! So get that Mini Simmons, MidLength or Fish that you know you need and be ready for the crowds


For the entire Summer, everything I make that encompasses this brand is on sale.





Our Sustainable clothing line

And even my #upcycled lifestyle products.

• All custom boards (because I don’t do stock) are $200-$300 off.

• Planters, coasters, shot glasses, wax combs, soap dishes, and even our new bowls are all 25% off

• Clothing Line Merch as well.

Use Discount Code: UPCYCLED at check out.

 All benefiting the buildout and launch of the ECOSS

Hit us up with any questions. 🤙🏾