The ECObyRy #pickitupchallenge

ECObyRY- Ry Harris To launch a massive call to Action and new hashtag challenge to combat the plastic pollution crisis. 

The #ecobyry #pickitupchallenge 

The SouthBay, CA – Ryan Harris announced today that he and his sustainable lifestyle brand (ECObyRy) are launching A New Call to Action and hashtag challenge to help bring awareness to the plastic pollution crisis and urban runoff. 

Inspired by a recent impromptu beach cleanup at his local surf break after a heavy rain, this challenge has been created as a serious call to action and to inspire and create change for the better.

The #ecobyry #pickitupchallenge

Our planet HAS BEEN in the midst of a plastic pollution crisis amongst other human made problems that plague our planet. As surfers we see it more than most. Urban runoff has made it screamingly obvious everytime after it rains. 

Inspired by Mother Nature. 

  • Pick up ocean trash
  • Protect our oceans
  • Protect our planet

The challenge will take place during the entirety of Earth month for maximum engagement. Starting April 1st, with winners to be announced at the SURFScape event at the end of April 29/30th

This serves as both a serious Call to action and Giveaway Contest. At the end of the 4 week timeframe, there’s a massive reward (aside from helping our planet).

ECObyRy will give A free surfboard bundle made from Upcycled ocean bound plastics, recycled and bio based materials along with live upcycled lifestyle products made from the board waste and one of their organic lifestyle T-shirts to 1 winner. 

There will be multiple winners as the list of participating brands grows. Multiple Runner ups will receive a number of goods donated from companies that jump on board.

To help this hopefully go viral and reach as many humans as possible we’re asking for other sponsors to donate some big ticket items to add to the prize pool. Not everyone surfs, so we’re hoping to diversify the prizes to increase involvement.

Current other prize donations:

  • Billabong wetsuits - Mens and Womens
  • Firewire Surfboard
  • MNML Golf - Golf bag 


  • Pick up Ocean Trash (at your local surf spot, or any beach)
  • Pick up Ocean bound trash (if you don’t live near the ocean).
  • Weigh your picked up trash before you properly dispose of it. Take a pic of the total weight (less the container it’s in, if it’s in a bucket or heavy bin). Also, we don’t recommend throwing it away at your local beach in the last day of a three day weekend with beach bins already overflowing!
  • Post  a picture of your collected trash and weight of it.
  • Use the  #pickitupchallenge and #ecobyry  hashtags 
  • Tag some friends and spread the word.
  • The participants who pick up the most trash (and thus eliminates it from entering the ocean) wins.

Please let us  know if you would like to participate and if your brand/org would like to help support.

About ECObyRy: 

ECObyRy (formerly Earth Technologies) was the first company in the world to build Gold Level ECOBOARDS, which is the highest sustainability rating by non-profit Sustainable Surf. They use the finest sustainably sourced materials and techniques in all aspects of manufacturing. Boards are constructed with plant-based epoxy resins and 100% recyclable foam, making the board building process less harmful for the people constructing the boards and for the planet. 


ECObyRy is known for their technological innovation with more sustainable materials in making surfboards and SUPs that combine high performance and beautiful artistry. Founded in 2010, they were the first manufacturer to make a 100% commitment to sustainability, and have won numerous awards. In February of this year, they launched a sustainable clothing line to complement their line of eco-friendly surfboards and upcycled products. They are based in The SouthBay, in Southern California.


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