Re♻️CT Construction

Re♻️CT Construction is here!!!

A GAMECHANGER for the surfboard industry from a sustainability standpoint, performance and durability.

What is it?

•Re♻️CT Construction•

A proprietary new surfboard construction that takes ocean bound plastic waste and surfboard production waste upcycling and recycling it into a new high performance and durable board. Removing waste destined for the landfill and reducing the carbon footprint of a traditionally made surfboard as much as possible.


•Key ingredients:

  • High bio content epoxy resin
  • Recycled scrap carbon fiber
  • Recycled scrap fiberglass
  • Upcycled plastic bottle cloth
  • Basalt, organic hemp and or flax


Why is this a big deal???


  • This new surfboard construction process actually diverts surfboard manufacturing waste from the landfill and Upcycles it into each board…which IS a big deal. The average traditional poly shortboard Weighs around 6-6.5 lbs but creates double its finished weight in manufacturing waste!!! That’s 12-13 pounds of non recyclable waste per each board going into the trash!!!
  • Ry has been dialing in this new proprietary tech and sustainable board construction for the past two years.
  • Boards built in Re♻️CT construction are:
  • Higher performing, more durable, and have a Better flex pattern resulting in better projection in and out of turns a livelier feeling board and better longevity.