Proven Sustainable Surfboard construction methods developed by Ry during the start of the Eco Board Movement and over the years. We now offer a variety of premium sustainable construction materials and technologies that were once just limited to private label clients, but are now featured on our boards and available  around the world. Contact Us to learn more.


Our newest tech - a high-performance sustainable blank technology. This patent-pending composite springer system has unprecedented flex and rebound, transforming a lot of kinetic energy throughout the board.



Stock Eco

Stock Eco is our standard Level One Sustainable Surf verified construction. Glassed over customer-specified traditional Poly foam or EPS foam blanks. All shaped blanks are done in the wet lay out method to get a strong fill coat that plants roots of resin connecting into the foam and fiberglass and are glassed with a traditional combination of single 4 oz bottom with a double 4 oz or 6 x 4 oz deck.



VacLam carbon construction meets sustainable materials. A proprietary new tech that gives the boards increased durability, better flex and overall performance attributes.

When a surfer is loading up a board in a bottom turn, both the deck and bottom store energy and then release. This is because the deck is in compression while the bottom is in tension during the bottom turn. However, when a board has carbon on both the bottom and the deck, the carbon on the deck actually resists storing energy in a bottom turn (because carbon is strongest under tension and doesn't do much for compression forces).

So the idea behind BallisTec is that the material on the deck is the opposite of carbon fiber, in that it resists compression instead of tension. That's what gives it bulletproof qualities, just like kevlar, and it indeed is extremely ding resistant.


Resin Tints
Resin tints, colors, and patterns are one of the most beautiful aspects of board building. When you see a great resin color, you know the board is hand-made by an artist. We take pride in our skills with resin colors.

Check out our Instagram (@earthtechnologies) and board pages for various resin colors. Whatever you can dream, we can make. Types of resin colors include:

- solid
- two-tone
- abstract swirls
- tiger stripes
- patchwork

Basalt Basalt Tech
A new proprietary construction method we use for a sustainable alternative to carbon fiber, Ry sourced some radical basalt fiber. Basalt fiber is made from volcanic rocks and has natural dampening effects. We use an exclusive uni-directional basalt fiber on the rails only of custom stringerless Envirofoam (recycled eps) from Marko Foam. The basalt rails taper to the shape of the board thinning out in the nose and tail to enhance better flex and performance. We keep the tail disconnected in this basalt parabolic framework to increase torsional flex off the tail. This dramatically increases projection in and out of turns. We use multiple overlapping layers of fiberglass over the basalt framework for a lightweight durable finished product and unlike traditional wooden stringers the basalt wont break down over time and stays consistent. The end result is a more durable board with a livelier feel and great flex and performance attributes.
Timber-Flex Timber Flex
Timber Flex is our highest performance technology, combining carbon fiber and cedar veneer. It’s the lightest, strongest and best flex construction we make, and is the culmination of years of experience and creativity with wood veneers and vacuum bag techniques.

Carbon fiber is vacuum bagged on the hull and wraps the rails for strength and flex response. Cedar veneer on the deck provides dampening, dent resistance, and looks incredible.
Vac-Lam Vac-Lam
Vac-Lam stands for Vacuum Lamination. This is the most advanced way to laminate a board, because it uses vacuum pressure to strengthen the bond between fiberglass, resin and foam.

Vac-Lam boards are lighter, stronger, and more flexible than a hand-laminated board. This process creates the optimum strength-to-weight ratio of resin throughout the board.

Materials that can be vacuum laminated:
- fiberglass
- bi-axial fiberglass
- carbon fiber
- wood veneer
- flax fabric
- hemp fabric
E-Flex E-Flex
E-Flex represents Earth Technologies experience and creativity in using wood veneers to create beauty, strength, and performance.

The flex and strength of wood should not be confined to the stringer. We use vacuum bagging to create a strong bond and this patent-pending composite springer system has unprecedented flex and rebound, transforming a lot of kinetic energy throughout the board.

Veneer options that we have tested for strength and flex:
- Cedar
- Bamboo
- Zebra wood
- Pine
- Ash

Veneer patterns can be full deck, strips, or anything you can dream. Laser cutting of artwork patterns in veneer is an option too.

All Eco
As a Gold Level Sustainable Surf certified manufacturer, and the world's first Zero Waste Manufacturing surfboard production facility, we only use sustainable materials to craft our surfboards, substituting alternative materials (flax, hemp, etc) to do so. The evolution of the ecoboard. #ecoboardsarerad