About Ry Harris Shapes

Ryan Harris grew up in Oregon where surfing required dedication fueled by passion. When he moved to Southern California, he fell in love with the sacred craft of board shaping, a natural extension of his artistic background. While working in a traditional poly glass shop, he met Rey Banatao from Entropy Bio Resins. Rey opened Ryan's eyes to greener methods of making surfboards. Within a year Ryan was one of the leaders of green board building.

Earth Technologies (Earth Tech Surf) was an award winning environmentally friendly high performance surfboard and stand up paddleboard and foilboard factory) that was the first of its kind in the world. Ryan Harris opened the shop with one mission in mind: To demonstrate to the greater surfing community that there are greener and more sustainable surfboard production methods that will not compromise the performance of the modern day surfboard. In an effort to get this message out, Earth Tech partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry to facilitate the transformation of surf culture and surf industry into one powerful community that strives to protect the ocean playground.

Earth Tech was known for working with advanced renewable and recycled materials such as recycled EPS foam board blanks instead of polyurethane or polystyrene, Entropy Resins bio epoxy instead of polyester resin, sustainably sourced veneers, and a number of alternative bio or plant based reinforcement materials. A little over 3 years ago we moved from our original eco board factory in Hawthorne, to our current location in Torrance. We did a 75% recycled buildout.

In early 2018 Ry launched the Zero Waste Initiative, another industry first. Just like the Surfboard Industry the Zero Waste system is constantly evolving and he looks forward to the growing list of upcycled sustainable products we can make in it.

The Next Chapter…In March 2022, Ryan shut down the label formerly known as Earth Technologies & EarthTech Surf to focus on his own label and pursue other projects. The new label, is the same name that’s been on his shapes for the past two decades:

Ry Harris Shapes with a secondary label 
Earth • Conscious • Objects

In 2023 ECObyRy was formed and the next chapter began as Ry built out a new Eco Board studio and home for his label in the Sustainable campus that is AltaSea, located on the water in the LA Harbor as part of the new LA waterfront!

We are excited for a big year in 2024 and looking forward to making more Earth Conscious Objects and educating about it!