Coming this fall...

We are launching something major!

The first Educational Center of Sustainability in surf... the ECOSS for short. What's even better? We are the newest tenants at the Sustainable campus known as AltaSea, right on the water in the LA Harbor as part of the new revitalization of the Port of Los Angeles.

We will be launching with rad informative and interactive workshops and seminars for local kids in the San Pedro area as well as schools in the SouthBay Region.

Ry is actively planning & writing the curriculum for said workshops as well as our first offering in "How to Make an Eco Board" classes. These will start at $1500 -$2000 and will include a custom designed board from shortboards up to Midlengths. Classes will include Shape3D board design, shaping the board, color lamination and live upcycling. Participants will get the board, lifestyle products made upcycled from the boards, and our organic t-shirts. 

The Future is looking Green and Blue!

Stay Tuned for updates on our upcoming launch and when registration for courses start.