The Pink Board Project

(On Going Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising campaign)

12 Limited Edition Pink Surfboards.


Shaped by a collection of various shapers, down for the cause!

Earlier this year a family member of ours in Virginia Beach, Brandi Wese was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer - the deadliest type of breast cancer. Brandi is a fun-loving, certified medical assistant, loving wife, mother of two and all around bad ass!

This past October we launched a collective activation and collaboration to help bring awareness and support a great cause.

A Limited Edition Collaborative Collection of pink surfboards, 12 boards in total were made. Multiple brands/labels, all boards were glassed/fabricated in our sustainable surfboard manufacturing factory.

Utilizing our Zero Waste Initiative, the eco board production waste from the boards was upcycled to make sustainable lifestyle products. Each board will come with a bundle of our sustainable EarthTech lifestyle goods (coasters, planters, soap dish, wax comb) made from the production waste of the board and a signed certificate of authenticity for the eco stats... the amount of production waste removed/saved from going into the landfill by utilizing the Zero Waste System.

The boards will be raffled off with no less than 75% of the funds raised will be going to: The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and secondly: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Remaining 25% is to cover labor and materials on boards as well as some $$$ for Brandi’s out of pocket medical expenses.

We will wrap up this years fundraising campaign with a week long raffle, concluding at this years Evolve Summit, Friday December 10th in Culver City, CA. To learn more about the Project please visit

Also look below for a collection of official campaign hats, and lifestyle products made from these boards. Proceeds go directly to the campaign.