It has now been over 2 years now since the switch to Zero Waste Manufacturing at Earth Technologies. While one can always strive for better, we have now seen the sustainable system work, and consume the factory's waste.

The superstars of the show, the poly styrene eating mealworms, are thriving in a few different ecosystems for a total of around 10,000 worms. These crawlers can eat approximately 80 liters of foam in a week - the equivalent of a SUP or a few shortboards. While these figures seem staggering, they are only making a dent in the greater picture. We have plans to bring more in to grow our local population to increase these numbers even further.

Our industrial shredder, affectionately known as 'Shreddy Krueger', is doing quite well considering she jams up every so often. This shredder far prefers high density to low, and therefore anything not rock-hard saturated with resin likes to talk back with a bit of lip.

Greenlines is picking up and doing amazing, now that we have coaster mold stations in our main glassing rooms. You'll be able to find these puppies in retail stores coming soon.

We continue to grow and optimize our Zero Waste system, allowing for better efficiency and quality of the program.