H2SUP is a leading performance SUP label by Ryan Harris, made up of various eco tech builds. Order stock or custom.





Radically different surf SUP design that must be ridden to be believed. It uses modern planing hull design based on sacred geometry to improve speed and stability in a board that you can ride a foot shorter than your typical SUP.

The Agressr uses a parallel outline, low continuous rocker, and a unique blended channel bottom throughout the length of the board. These elements synergize to create lift, drive, speed and hard charging turns. In short, this board surfs aggressive.

Like all of Ry Harris' SUPs, the Agressr works in all wave conditions. Beach breaks, points, and reefs all benefit from the unique design elements. It has been proven in small beach breaks to overhead reef breaks. Advanced surfers will love how the short length and speed of the Agressr allows them to access parts of waves that SUPs usually can't surf.

This board excels for those seeking to improve SUP surf skills. The wide outline adds volume and creates stability that makes the Agressr an easy board to balance on. The low rocker improves wave catching, and generates effortless speed in combination with the channel bottom.


Typical dimensions range from 6'4" (72 liters) to 8'6" (145 liters).



George Greenough invented the "Greenough Edge" concept to increase speed and turning for larger boards. The Edge design works very well on SUPs, and Ry Harris has been adapting and improving it for this purpose.

H2SUP's Edge design has reached the point where it significantly improves surfing performance on SUPs. This unique edge design increases speed on the wave, makes the board easier to turn, and improves carving on rail. We're more stoked to surf every day on our Edge SUPs!

The Edge SUP is designed to surf all wave types, and excels in waist to head high beach breaks, points and reefs. On beach breaks, the edge design adds speed to make sections and provides fast-twitch response when a good section appears. On points and reefs, the rail carving ability excels and enables roundhouse cutbacks down the line, all day long.

And as hoped, the edge design also helps generate speed on the small, mushy days. Less wetted surface area and reduced drag maximizes speed potential from weak waves. On small days, or high tide mushy waves, this board rips harder than anything. The Edge also extends the size range for big waves because reduced drag increases speed when it's needed the most.

The Edge SUP uses a balanced outline with foam in just the right places. The Greenough Edge ends just by the front fins. A step rail n the deck at just the right spot creates a shortboard rail that sinks easily for smooth rail turns. The bottom is a single concave through the center of the board to double concave with vee just before the fin cluster. These elements synergize to produce a magic board with unlimited speed that turns as if it's three inches narrower.

The Edge can be applied on any of our SUP designs, and on surfboards too. Quad fins highly recommended.

Thanks to Kevin Whilden from Sustainable Surf, who helped develop this design.


Typical size range goes from 7'6" x 28" to 9'0" x 30", and don't be afraid of a little extra width.



The Shred Stick is a high-performance surfing SUP for advanced surfers on fast waves.

Our home break is El Porto in Manhattan Beach, South Bay, Los Angeles. It is known for its fast, steep, hollow beach break waves that often close out and occasionally offer up perfect barrels. Ry Harris designed the Shred Stick to make the most of these challenging conditions.

It has plenty of foam in the standing area for fast paddling and early entry into waves. The volume then blends into a performance sidecut tail for tight-radius turns on good waves and deep in the pocket. Bottom contours are single into double with vee.

The Shred Stick speeds through heavy sections and never loses control. It's ideal for travel to good waves, and for surfing in solid waves. If you want to get barreled on your SUP, this is the board you want.

We've also found it to work really well on mushy, high-tide waves if you keep it on rail and stand just slightly forward to engage the foam in the center of the board.


Typical size range is 7'4" to 8'6".



Named after Ry Harris' hometown, Portland, Oregon, The PDX is an all-around SUP that works in all conditions. If you only have one board in your quiver, this is the one you want.

Cruising on flatwater rivers, lakes, and harbors? This board will glide with ease and stability.

Going surfing? The performance squash tail and tri-fin will have you carving up small waves. This board also noserides well. It's the perfect board to learn how to surf.

Enjoying family time? Put your dog and/or kids on the nose while you paddle.

Going fishing? Add deck mounts and bungie cords to hold your cooler.

The PDX can be customized to your specifications, to optimize your favorite types of paddling. Small changes in width, thickness, rail shape and outline will make a board that works perfectly for your height, weight, and skill level.

Add Ballis-tek construction to make a board that is more durable than molded pop-outs, and can withstand amazing amounts of abuse.


Typical size range is 9'6" to 11'6". The sweet spot is 10'6" for an all-around, do-everything board for most paddlers.



More details on this board coming soon...