Build Your Own Board Workshop 1

Build Your Own Board Workshop 1

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Build your own Eco Board Workshops.

Open Enrollment for our fall & winter workshops starts now!

This is a 4 Day course with a staggered schedule spread out over a 2.5 week timeframe. 
choose from 7 shapes/models up to 6’6”

  • Day 1 - ECOSS & AltaSea Tour and Introduction to Shaping and Design software - We design your board together from start to finish with custom dimensions and a virtual board file
  • Day 2 - 1 on 1 hands on shaping of your custom board with Ry and our team of instructors 
  • Day 3 - Sustainable Glassing - 1 side only with custom resin tint color work and live upcycling
  • Day 4 - Fin Theory - Choice of fin box system and full day dedicated to fin theory and what size and type of fins are right for you and your board.

Boards can be picked up at the end of the workshop once they’re finished after the sanding process within 1-2 weeks of the final day of the class. 

Workshop 1 Starts:

10/19-10/21 and Ends 11/2-11/4