Build Your Own MidLength Workshop

Build Your Own MidLength Workshop

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The Build Your Own MidLength Workshop


Open Enrollment is open Now! We’re launching our first workshops/courses this Month! Learn how to shape and glass your very own custom surfboard with Ry and our dedicated crew of certified course instructors.

Design your dream MidLength Shape or choose one of 4 of Ry’s MidLength Models: The Movement Mid, Ohno, Twinja, or Stiff Neck Mid.

 Boards are between 6’7-8’0

The First workshop is a 4 Day course staggered over a 2.5 week timeframe. 

Starting 10/19-10/21 and ending 11/2-11/4 

  • Day 1 - Tour and walk through of The ECOSS at AltaSea. Introduction to Shaping and Board CAD. 1 on 1 interaction with students and custom board design 
  • Day 2 - Shape your custom board with Ry and our instructors. 1 on 1 shaping lesson.
  • Day 3 - Live Glassing. Custom color work with resin tint abstract. I side. Live upcycling from the waste of the board.

  • Day 4 - Fin Theory. Pick your fin box system and desired fin configuration and the right size fin for you and your board.
  • Day 5 - Board pick up! No class…Schools out!!! Pick up your brand new custom board