Quiver Club - Surf Club Platinum

Quiver Club - Surf Club Platinum

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The Quiver Club - Platinum $3050 

A Total Savings of $1000

For the surfing looking to build an instant quiver! 
2 boards in our shortboard lineup are included, and chose from one of our Midlength shapes AND rounded out with one of our longboard shapes.

Need a daily driver and a summer Groveler? Go with a perfect combination of the new HJM 3DM and the Pool Ninja. Need a small wave weapon and step up to round out your quiver? Go with the MMS and a Dungeon Seeker. Torn between a longboard and a MidLength? No need, you get both with the Platinum option. 4 boards in total, any combination of the following: 

Electrical Ninja, Electrical Fish, Pool Ninja, Stoked Ninja, HJM, HJM 3DM, Dungeon Seeker, MMS, MMS Round, Pool Twin, Ohno, MidLength Movement, Twinja, Mirrored edge Mid, Classic Longboards, NoseRidah and Perfect 10

Please specify which combination of 4 models you would like when ordering. Each board is custom built to spec with fin box system of your preference (Futures or FCS). Instead of a 6-8 month lead time, your instant quiver will be ready within 2-3 months and you save 20% off the board price. Boards come in our stock clear standard ReFlex construction. You can keep it clear or add a simple one sided resin tint, it’s all bundled in the price!


Now available with BallisTec!

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Select 'Add Matching Shred Skateboard' at checkout, and the waste stream from your very own Earth Tech surfboard will be upcycled into a matching Shred Surfskate!
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