The StiffNeck Mid
The StiffNeck Mid

The StiffNeck Mid

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My newest model!!! With summer just around the corner the timing of this newest addition to the quiver is perfect!

The StiffNeck is a signature model collab with one of my good friends and vallued supporters- Justin Dechant.

I actually developed it a couple years ago…then I recently surfed his personal board and was blown away.

The StiffNeck Mid is part shortboard, part MidLength and part displacement hull. I blended elements of these three shapes to create a really fun, easy to paddle MidLength shape that can be surfed well in the pocket and is easy to lay on rail. It has a more pulled in nose than it’s MidLength cousin, The Movement. Super knifey 60/40 rails and thinned out nose and tail help this board perform on rail and trim down the line...with a full belly bottom transitioning into a spiral vee and double concave off of the tail. This board is ridiculously fun. Now featured as a “Twingle Fin”...for added versatility, it can be ridden as a classic single fin hull, or twin fin. 

Oh and if you’re wondering about the name…you’re gonna be paddling for so many waves and catching so many waves, you’ll have a stiff neck!!

Available from in:

•6’10 at 49L

•7’1 at 51L

•7’3 at 53L

•7’6 at 56L

•8’0 at 60L