Opportunity Drawing Tickets at Blue Hour for Custom Surfboard/Wallhanger

Opportunity Drawing Tickets at Blue Hour for Custom Surfboard/Wallhanger

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In partnership with ECObyRy and The ECOSS enter to win this sustainable surfboard or custom Wallhanger and support a great cause!

Ryan Harris, who is the founder of EARTH TECHNOLOGIES (the worlds first zero waste surfboard factory) and now DBA - ECObyRy will build you a custom surfboard up to 7’6…your dimensions, your fin box preference, or if you don’t surf and just like rad art, a custom Wallhanger wrapped in beautiful imagery of Maui (like what we will be doing next month for the Lāhainā Board Project)

  • The ECOSS is the first Educational Center of Sustainability in Surf located right here at AltaSea. We are the newest tenants and have big plans for educating the next generation and showing how to #makethingsbetter through Blue Economy and a circular system.
  • The Lāhainā Board Project is collaborative Fundraiser  centered around high end eco boards from renowned surfers from Maui and worldwide blending sand and ash into the boards, crafting not just a tool for wave riding but a symbol of awareness. Wrapped in evocative imagery, this endeavor urges the global community to rally behind those affected and join in the mission of healing and rebuilding.

Join us for a chance to make a difference in the lives of Lāhainā Community impacted by the Maui Fires. 💕

By participating in our opportunity drawing you're contributing the majority of the proceeds towards their well-being. For just $25, you not only support a great cause but also stand a chance to win this exclusive custom board. 🏄‍♂️ Your generosity can change lives.