Opportunity Drawing for a custom Surfboard

Opportunity Drawing for a custom Surfboard

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Enter to win a fully custom sustainable surfboard of your desired specs/dimensions.

Longboard, MidLength, Shortboard, Fish, Groveler. You pick!

Ryan Harris, who is the founder of EARTH TECHNOLOGIES (the worlds first zero waste surfboard factory) and now DBA - ECObyRy will build you a custom board to your dimensions, your fin box preference, or if you don’t surf and just like rad art, a custom Wallhanger wrapped in beautiful imagery.

The board will be 100% Upcycled  from an old sup, made from start to finish by Ry, and include matching Upcycled lifestyle products from the boards waste

  • This will all be benefiting the build and launch of The ECOSS the first recycling & Educational Center of Sustainability in Surf located right here at AltaSea. We are the newest tenants and have big plans for educating the next generation and showing how to #makethingsbetter through Blue Economy, a circular system, and creating rad new products out of plastic trash.

By participating in our opportunity drawing you're contributing the proceeds toward a realistic solution to Our plastic pollution problem. For just $20, you not only support a great cause but also stand a chance to win this exclusive custom board. 🏄‍♂️ Your generosity can help change our planet!