The Pool Ninja 2.0
The Pool Ninja 2.0
The Pool Ninja 2.0
The Pool Ninja 2.0

The Pool Ninja 2.0

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New for 2024!

The Pool Ninja 2.0

Meet our newest utility shape. The Pool Ninja 2.0

It’s a redesigned and updated version of the Pool Ninja (as seen on Stab’s Joy Ride series)

"After spending some time at new wave pool awhile back, and seeing the popularity of wave pools, popping up everywhere, I decided it’s time to make a shape that excels in the pool and our local breaks” -Ry

The original Pool Ninja is the result of a surf in the Palm Springs Surf Club test pool and a conversation w Cheyne Magnussen about a need for a pool friendly groveler shapes. It was the newest shape in the Electrical Ninja line. 

New for 2024, having surfed several pool sessions, countless sessions at home and loads of great Feedback from customers, friends and the crew at Stab Mag’s JoyRide, we give you a killer new version.
What I’ve dubbed a utility shape.

Great in the pool. A smaller Groveler type of shape for getting under the hood and fitting it in the pocket. It also works well as a utility shape at your local break bridging the gap between full on Groveler and performance shortboard. Best in 2-10’

On the 2.0 I pulled in the tail w a subtle side cut behind the wide point right above the fins and added a slight bump/wing. This serves as a pivot point to break up the outline and help drive off of. The nose and tail are narrower, and more thinned out. Ive also gone away with the step rail for a more traditional domed deck, maximizing volume under the chest, while reducing the rail volume. Reduced entry rocker with accelerated tail kick. A deep single concave helps give this shape lift and keep more rail in the water resulting in more speed and better projection in and out of turns.

Shown here in our ReFlex Tech... designed for maximum speed and lift off.

Featured on Stab Mag’s Joy Ride series. Check it out here!

Now also available with Re♻️CT Carbon Construction 

Best ridden a couple inches shorter than your go to shortboard. Available from 5’0” - 6’5”

When ordering this as a custom, please specify your preferred fin box system, Futures or FCS2.