The Delfino MidLength
The Delfino MidLength

The Delfino MidLength

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My Newest Model.

It’s a mashup of my favorite midlength shapes combined with a bio mimicry design inspired by my favorite ocean mammals (the real OG locals) dolphins

It blends shortboard and longboard design elements and is very user friendly. The nose is more pulled in and thinned out like the Stiff Neck mid)…this reduction in volume forward of center creates less swing weight which allows for a more versatile shape which works in anything from tiny waves to overhead. Thinned out low volume rails give this new shape better sensitively and lively feel than other models with a fuller rale.
I maximized the volume up under the chest for added stability and float.
The bottom is a sacred geometry blended hull to concave 1:618 (ratio)…helping give this relatively low rockered board lift and drive.

Comes standard as a 4+1 one instant quiver fin set up for added versatility. It can be ridden as a Single fin, Quad, Twin Keel, Twin + 1, or thruster.

These first 5 will be available on a first come first serve basis and come bundled with the live Upcycled lifestyle products made from their production waste and one of my ECObyRy sustainable t-shirts…also a LCA (lifecycle analysis) is included w the purchase of each board as well as planting some Sea.Trees!

Yeww! 🐬🤙🏾

Available in: 6’9, 7’0, 7’3, 7’6 and 8’0