The PERFECT 10 - Longboard
The PERFECT 10 - Longboard
The PERFECT 10 - Longboard
The PERFECT 10 - Longboard

The PERFECT 10 - Longboard

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We’re so stoked with newest addition to our eco board quiver. After a recent trip back east to Virginia Beach, Ry was lucky enough to longboard 3 days in a row with professional longboard surfer and buddy Ricky Judelena. Ricky spent years developing and perfecting this shape, appropriately dubbed the Perfect 10. “It was so easy to nose ride! I was camped out on the nose” - Ry

So for our new model we’ve decided to do another collaboration with Ricky’s USA Logging company. 

USA Logging Company’s ,Eco Log…The Perfect10” is exactly what it’s name says, Its 

“The Perfect10”!

Eco friendly & sustainably made 4.5 times stronger than the average surfboard.
Available from 9’-10’6

An Amazing Traditional Single Fin Nose Rider that’ll Park in the Pocket & Is Quite Possibly the Easiest longboard to Nose Ride anywhere !

Direction change is insane ! & It’ll navigate choppy water like nobody’s business!

The incredible modern contours & timeless outline with proven rocker make this well traveled log a must in everyones quiver !

See for yourself why this model has won multiple Long-boarding Championships with multiple surfers in all types of conditions including The East Coast Surfing Championships (12 times)

The Malibu Classic ,Noosa Festival of Surfing & USA National Championships.

The Perfect 10is a game changer for sure and is recommended for optimal Performance…

Now go Shred !!! 

Suggested Dimensions/weight range:

100-125lbs - 9’-9’2

130-155lbs - 9’4-9’6

160-180lbs - 9’6-9’8

185-200lbs - 9’8-9’10

200Lbs and up - 10’-10’6